We at Cowboy Trucking are committed to our task of being the best Intermodal Trucking company from the Midwest. Just as true Chicagoans, we will never consider ourselves second to anyone. We take great pride in our work and our years of experience gives us the understanding on what it takes to be the best.

From our drivers to our office staff our goal is to provide you, our valued customers, the best possible service available.


What we do! 

We provide services to steamship lines, customer brokers, freight forwarders, Intermodal Marketing Companies, and other service firms engaged in the international and domestic movement of cargo. We have a wide customer base and while each customer has different requirements, the main requirements are similar. Move the freight securely, timely and cost effectively. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

Our Measure of Success

When we accept customer freight shipments with specific delivery appointments, we commit to follow through from the beginning to the end. This is a very serious responsibility. We understand that its not just freight that moves from Point A to Point B, it’s people waiting for their goods, and livelihoods that depend on those good getting to where they need to be when they need to be there. We don’t consider our delivery to be a success unless it gets where its need to be safely, securely, on time and cost effectively.


Safety is an all encompassing aspect in all of the work we do. We ensure our drivers and trucks meet all safety standards and delivery all our goods without harm to your destination.

We believe trust between our clients, our drivers and within our team is one of the important factors in running a sucessful business.

Our team members are empowered to lead the organization to its fullest potential. Our team members experience and attention to their customer has brought us to where we are and we believe it will continue to make us successful.


Our mission is simply to be the best Intermodal Trucking company in the Midwest. Being the best means our professionals in the field provide our customers with courteous on time safe delivery of their valuable merchandise.


As we move towards our goal to become the best Intermodal Trucking company in the Midwest; we  want to be the company that our clients think of when they need someone to handle their cargo. Our clients are our vision and we want to grow with them.