We strive on delivering excellent service. We do this by planning, monitoring, and execution around the clock. We continually work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations for safe, on-time delivery of your merchandise. We understand  that trucking never stops, and neither do we. 

Inetermodal Containers
Cowboy Trucking Drivers

Intermodal Trucking

We are an Intermodal Carrier having 48 state authority based out of, Gary,Indiana, very close to all major rail heads in the Chicagoland area. Our ability to provide flexibility to the transportation of your cargo is unmatched.

Over the years, we have developed great relationships with all major rail heads in the Chicagoland area.

We take the utmost care in hiring the best drivers and customer service teams to make sure you have a team that will assist you in every way possible to ensure your deliveries are made on time.

Your choice of working with Cowboy Trucking brings you the following benefits: 

  • A team that brings years of Intermodal transportation experience to the plate.
  • Pick up the phone and call us no matter what time or day it is.
  • Our commitment to follow through from the beginning to the end.
  • Track and trace customized reports and automatic e-mail notifications of events as they occur.
  • Your P.O.D. delivery reaching its destination in 24 hours.

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Container delivery around the world

Intermodal Shipping Process

The import and export of containers require extremely time sensitive duties. That is why we in the past couple of years we have made large investments into installing, and implementing the latest technology to help us track and trace all of our assigned containers. We understand the importance of timely picking up a container from the rail and terminating it to the proper location.

Ordered Placed

Once a delivery is placed, we set forth to find the right driver to handle the pick-up and drop off from our railhead.

Road Transport

Our commitment is to reach your point of destination within 24 hours. Our drivers set off to reach the drop-off location, communicating with you every step of the way by utilizing our automatic e-mail notifications.


The driver drops of the goods on time and a customer service representative will reach out to you to ensure safe delivery.

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